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Container liner bag of yundu Industrial

Container liner bag is also called container dry bag, container dry powder bag and container bulk packaging.Container liner bag is usually placed in a 20'/40' container, it can ship large-tonnage solid bulk granular and powdered products with fluidity.

Scope of application: Container liner bag is widely used innon-hazardous and free-flowing products. Such as soybeans, coffee beans, barley, wheat, corn, cocoa powder, fish meal, flour, milk powder, peanuts, lentils, nuts, peas, rice, salt, seeds, starch, sugar, tea, livestock feed, mixed grain feed, and so on. Besides,container liner bag is also suitable for granular or powdered bulk goods.


Easy and fast installation;

High utilization rate of container space;

Shorten container cleaning time and save unnecessary container cleaning expenses;

 ④ The goods will not be polluted.