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Open Top Closed Bottom Fibc Bulk Bags

Product Information

Bulk bags & FIBC also known as PP big bag, super sack, log bags, dumpy bags, builders bags, heavy duty bulk bag, X or # bottom jumbo bag, flecon bag, bulk bag sharp sand, top soil /play bark/ ballast/ chippings / scalpings/ scottish pebbles/lawn top dressing bulk bag, blue slate/ mot type 1 dark bulk bag.

Lifting:                        4 loops cross corner extended down sides and under base

Fabric:                        U.V. stabilized woven polypropylene

Water Resistance:     Lamination or polyethylene liner

Safe Working Load:  2000 kgs* (* Higher SWL upon request)

Base Dimension:

90cm X 90cm

95cm X 95cm

100cm X 100cm

Height Dimension:






Height can be custom-made to suit your product.

1. Open Top & Flat (Closed) Bottom Bulk Bags, Jumbo Bags, Bulk Bin  

These FIBCs are also known as builder bags, bulker bags or bulka bags. This is most commonly used bulk bags type across many industries including construction, landscaping, demolition, skip bin, rubber recycling and so on.

Product ID

Fill& DischargeSize W*L*HVolume m3SWLSpecification
OF90Open Top, Closed Bottom90 x 90 x 90 cm0.7 m31.0 tonneDownload PDF


OF100Open Top, Closed Bottom90 x 90 x 100 cm0.8 m31.0 tonneDownload PDF


OF120-1Open Top, Closed Bottom90 x 90 x 120 cm1.0 m31.0 tonneDownload PDF


OF120-2Open Top, Closed Bottom90 x 90 x 120 cm1.0 m31.5 tonneDownload PDF


OF122Open Top, Closed Bottom100 x 100 x 120cm1.2 m31.5 tonneDownload PDF